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Ark Foundation Repair has a variety of basement waterproofing solutions available to help homeowners fix a wet basement. If your home has a basement, you will need some sort of basement waterproofing system in place to prevent it from getting damaged from water seepage and excessive amounts of moisture. We know that a lot of homeowners don't think that they need to have a waterproofing system since they don't have a finished basement and never really go into this area underneath their home. Even if your basement isn't finished, water seepage can damage your basement walls and flooring, and in time, it may even cause the wooden structural support beams in your basement to start rotting. Obviously, if this happens, it's going to have a negative impact on the structural integrity of your home.

We offer basement waterproofing systems and products in the following locations: Lansing, Battle Creek, Jackson, St. Johns, Coldwater, Adrian, Monroe, Brighton, Portland, Charlotte, Mason, Marshall, Clarklake, Dundee, Milan, Whitmore Lake, Howell, and in other nearby Michigan communities.

Wet Basement Repair

If you have a wet basement, or even if you have never had any seepage problems, we can provide you with affordable and effective basement waterproofing systems which will stop or prevent basement leaks.

Our basement experts have been installing waterproofing systems in eastern Michigan homes for many years now and we know you will be pleased with our products and solutions.

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Listed below are the basement waterproofing products which we provide to MI homeowners. Please take a few moments to check them out!

Safe Track™ Water Evacuation
Safe Track™ Water Evacuation

The SafeTrack™ water control system is specifically designed to solve water problems that are at the basement wall. It uses a rubber seal which allows for the passage of water into the system and not into the basement. This system also reduces the amount of Radon gas which is able to get into the basement area of a home. This waterproofing system doesn't require any major excavation and there is no damage to any structural areas of the basement. This system is great for basements which are built with a monolithic or one piece floor.

Safe Drain™ Waterproofing System
Safe Drain™ Waterproofing System

This waterproofing system features a low profile design which is much wider than other systems on the market. It makes it possible for the appropriate floor thickness to be applied over the Safe Drain™ system following installation. This system makes it possible for water to flow out and away from the basement area. It can also help to reduce hydrostatic pressure on your basement walls, which may eventually lead to the development of bowed walls. This system is designed to work together with a radon mitigation system to ensure your home is safe from the dangerous gas.

Safe Edge™ Basement Waterproofing
Safe Edge™ Basement Waterproofing

The Safe Edge™ waterproofing system is designed for use inside the basement environment. It's a state-of-the-art drain tile system which is made from high quality materials that are built to last. This system is engineered to gather incoming water at the cove joint, where the wall and floor meet, and divert it down under the slab into a drain tile system. It is designed with a rubber seal on the back to prevent moisture and radon gas from entering the home. The Safe Edge is available in two heights to accommodate a finished or unfinished basement.

Sump Pumps
Sump Pumps

The sump pump is the workhorse of the entire waterproofing system. It is responsible for the ultimate removal of all water that has been collected by the system and diverted into the sump pit. A quality sump pump can work full time if it has to and will be able to expel all water that gets into the basement.

The sump pumps we offer are specially-engineered to be energy efficient, durable, and reliable. They are made from cast iron or stainless steel materials (based on the model you choose), and feature a 3 year warranty. We offer both basement and crawl space sump pumps.

Surface Drainage

One of the best preventative measures we can implement is improvement of surface drainage in your yard. This tends to focus on getting the water away from the home so it does not have the chance to sit around the foundation and seep into the surrounding soil. To accomplish this, we will install downspout extensions to all of your gutters around the house. These extensions will help divert water away from the foundation into an area of the yard where it can then flow away from the home and not into the basement.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about having a basement waterproofing system or yard drainage improvements installed in your eastern Michigan home! We thank you for your interest in our business and look forward to helping you soon.

Customer Reviews

Average rating for Ark Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is 4.97 stars of 5 stars - based on 13 reviews
Don LeBlanc did an great job. He called before arriving, was polite, Covid19 compliant and cleaned up his work area after the job was completed. I would call him again if a leak occurs in another area.
Jim Rozek - Lansing, MI 48912
Sections of a cove waterproofing system that was installed 40 years ago had been broken. Mark quickly identified what the system was an gave me a WEB URl where I could order the parts. Really appreciated the help. David Kanistanaux
David K - Lansing, MI 48912
Very happy I made the decision I did by having Mark and his crew take care of my 'forever wet' basement....he explained things for me and answered my questions....they left the basement 100% better than it was before they came here....great job guys!!! Thank You !!! and..gave me a quote and time ...
Jane Z. - Ann Arbor, MI 48104