Foundation Repair in Fenton, MI

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Whether your home is bordering Silver Lake, or Fenton Lake, or is landlocked East to Route 23, waterproofing is an important part of any home maintenance in Fenton and the Genesee County area.

Ark Foundation Repair is over 25 years of experience serving the area and helping with basement waterproofing, crawl space waterproofing and encapsulating, foundation and bowed wall repair, as well as a pair of cracked walls. All our years of experience have allowed our well-trained technicians to learn and perfect numerous techniques and repair designs in order to properly address any repair or waterproofing issue you may have and provide you with a cost efficient and effective solution.

Basement Waterproofing: Ark has the ability to conquer any kind of leaky basement problem you may be experiencing. Whether the water is seeping in through the cracks in the floor or walls or through leaky window wells, we have the experience and know-how to fix the problem and leave you with a well insulated and waterproof basement, as any untreated moisture issues can cause damage to your walls, floor, ceiling as well as anything that you may have stored in the area. We can address the issue with many different waterproofing solutions including basement drains, some pumps, dehumidifiers and more.

Foundation Repair: Foundation failure can put your whole home in danger, and unfortunately severe structural damage can sometimes leave rebuilding the wall or even the entire basement is the only viable option. Fortunately, Ark can perform the foundation repair work quickly and efficiently I can leave you with a well insulated, waterproof basement, and we can do so leaving enough room to build a recreation room, living room, or even a home office.

Bowed Wall Repair: If a bowed wall is left unfixed, it may collapse in on itself and cause serious structural damage to your home. At Ark, we can correct this issue using proven and affordable bowed wall repair products such as anchors and wall plates.

About our work in Fenton

Ark Foundation Repair and Waterproofing can help you protect your Fenton home whether you are bordering Silver or Fenton Lakes, or are in a landlocked community east towards Route 23. Even if you have an unfinished basement, waterproofing is drastically important.

We are able to complete a lot of these fixes year-round, and our quick installation do not require maintenance from the home owner after they are installed. Not to mention any one of these fixes will restore value to your property.

If you have any cause for concern, or would just like us to come out and take a look you can call us today for service quote. Our no-nonsense team of professionals can produce and easy to understand, reasonable quote for a variety of foundation services rather quickly.

Customer Reviews

Average rating for Ark Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is 4.96 stars of 5 stars - based on 9 reviews
Trace is one of the most kind, helpful gentleman that my boyfriend & I have ever encountered. He gave us an estimate & informed us on what he could do, but was also sure to explain to us an efficient, affordable DIY way as well. Being that we’re a young couple, looking to sell the current house ...
Riley M - Belleville, MI 48111
I had trace come out to look at repairs for a corner of my foundation..(center block)..the repairs were considered minor,,,he said he would send a crew out and do repairs,,trace made a few suggestion on how I could do repairs and save a couple of bucks,,I did the repairs as followed ,,With trace ...
Gary G - Township Of Hamburg, MI 48189
Patrick came a 2nd time to explain to my son and husband. He had been a worker prior to become their salesman. He thoroughly explained what needed to happen on their part and ours. The owner Mark and his crew, came and worked very well as a team for the two scheduled days. Patrick returned the ...
William & Sandra K - Jackson, MI 49203